Anchorage Faith Leaders Against Prop 1

Anchorage faith leaders from a diversity of faiths and denominations are speaking with one voice against Proposition 1, which would bring discrimination back to Anchorage by repealing our city's non-discrimination laws ensuring fair and equal treatment for our transgender neighbors, family and friends.

Fill out the form below to sign on to the below statement from faith leaders across Anchorage who are voting No on Proposition 1:

As Anchorage faith leaders from a diversity of religious traditions, we affirm the basic dignity of all people - including our transgender neighbors.
That’s why we are opposed to Proposition 1 - which would repeal fundamental protections under municipal law for our transgender friends, family, and community members.
Our faith is a reflection of the love, kindness, and welcome we have received from our Creator. Those fundamental truths extend to all people and all of creation. We find strength and hope for our community in offering hospitality and grace to everyone we meet. And as faith leaders, we are called to take a stand for those who are most marginalized.
We’re proud that Anchorage law extends commonsense non-discrimination protections to everyone. We strongly oppose Proposition 1 - and any attempt to harm the transgender people who call Anchorage home.
Each of us is made in the image of God and deserves compassion - and equal treatment under the law. We call on our fellow clergy - and all people of faith in Anchorage - to join us in voting No on Proposition 1.

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