Anchorage Faith Leaders Against Prop 1

Anchorage faith leaders from a diversity of faiths and denominations are speaking with one voice against Proposition 1, which would bring discrimination back to Anchorage by repealing our city's non-discrimination laws ensuring fair and equal treatment for our transgender neighbors, family and friends.

These faith leaders are signing onto the Fair Anchorage coalition because they know that Proposition 1 violates the Golden Rule: treat others as you would want to be treated. They're committed to working against this discriminatory measure—and voting to keep Anchorage fair!

Join them! Commit to voting No on Prop 1 on April 3rd by signing on with the Anchorage Faith Leaders Against Proposition 1 coalition:

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The top 3 contributors are Freedom For All Americans, Washington, DC; ACLU of Alaska, Anchorage, AK; and Human Rights Campaign; Washington, DC